Sports has a unique way of uniting people, helping people grow physically and mentally, and providing peace and entertainment in a sometimes-unforgiving world. At Opportunity Through Sport, we aim to improve lives by providing access to participation in sport to individuals, families and communities.


Opportunity For All


Participation in sport takes many different forms depending on one’s stage of life. At certain times, that form may be through actively playing while at other stages (and circumstances) the primary form of participation may be through attending events as a spectator.

Attending sporting events can be very challenging for different reasons. For disadvantaged youth, senior citizens, and others in assisted living, the barriers to participation through attendance can range from financial to transportation. Due to these complications in getting to and from stadiums, purchasing tickets, finding like-minded friends to attend with, Opportunity Through Sport provides assistance putting together group outings at no charge to the attendees and their family.


Participate Through Play


The cost of playing sports has never been more cost-prohibitive than it is today. Equipment, league fees and more have risen drastically making it difficult for many families to provide access to sports for their children. Costs have also risen due to the ever-increasing popularity of travel sports. Due to this and many other reasons, families (particularly for at-risk youth) simply do not have the resources to provide proper access to participation.

Opportunity Through Sport helps to bridge the gap for these families and their youth so that they have the ability to play alongside others who may be more privileged. The opportunity to participate in sports allows a child to learn teamwork, dream big, achieve personal growth, become exposed to new things, and much more.

The ‘Participate Through Play’ program helps families in need by providing equipment and financial resources to those in need. These individuals may request our help by sending an email to