Founders’ Circle

Opportunity Through Sport would like to give special recognition to its earliest supporters. Those who have contributed to OTS’ mission at its beginning stages are listed below. OTS cannot thank each and every one of its Founders’ Circle members enough. FC members will receive special edition newsletters and updates from the Executive Director as well as other priority considerations moving forward. Special thank you and recognition to:


Stephen and Lauren Bauer

Jared and Anika Chapman

Daniel Wichman

Jonathan Schwarz

Matthew Rakow

Doug Mayfield

Bill Crank

Fred Marubayashi

Brian Lomasky

TJ Guy

Tim Nizer

Nick Katsikas

Paul Murley

Ryan Fiorucci

Chris & Julie Caleca

Jamie Gutterman

Michael Chapman

Tony Console

Vincent Osborne

Luke Madden

Dan Ward

Roscoe Myrick

Donnell Nelson

Trevor Donnelly

Ryan Rowe

Todd Domme

Eric Moye

John MacDonald

Larry Cirullo

Troy Gates

Antron Masdon

Bryce Johnson

Carson French

Earl Hollister

Greg Rosenthal

Josh Lile

Ken Molenkamp

Michael Dodson

Stephen Best

John Burnes

Pamela Hensler

Petra Sabor

Dan McAvoy

Jason Carter

Ryan Morneau

Bernard Cihigoyenetche

Pat and Gail Finn

Andrew Fick

Bobby Criswell

Milad Ossooli

Nick Rash

Jason Morago

Phillip Thompson

Chris and Lauren Nelson

Kyle and Rebekah Sphire

William and Jessie Crum